Cherry Picking the Bible

I can’t stand how so many Christians cherry-pick the bible. They’ll point to OT laws as justification to discriminate against gays, and when asked why they don’t stone their mouthy teenager to death, declare that OT laws no longer apply, despite Jesus having clearly stated otherwise.

they cherry pick to justify their dislikes

and they disregard the bits like not wearing polyester and selling their kids or killing them when they mouth off

because there are very few people who admit to themselves that they are bigotted jerks

they tend to think of themselves as good people, so clearly, the parts of the bible that are less socially evolved than they are are not important

but the parts that are as repressive as they are personaly are simply righteous

it’ll take the changes in legislation for society to change and for them to catch up to see that it’s all hopelessly backwards

fear of death is a powerful motivator – so they cling to religion as false hope

and combine that with our materialistic society where having lots of stuff is nice, but having it when others don’t is better…..

well, it’s a heady cocktail

sadly, too often, a molatov cocktail

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