Hello world!

I participate on a number of forums and one of those is the Topix.com athiesm forum.

It occured to me during the discussions with beleivers who constantly insist that I’m going to suffer eternally – and usually they can’t decide if it’s the athiesm or the lesbianism that’s sending me “there” – that if there was really an afterlife, then there’s nothing supernatural about it.

If there realy is an afterlife – if the energy we have in life doesn’t just disappate into heat energy – and it really retains something of us and there’s a place it goes; then that is a natural process and part of the natural world.

Which means it’s not dependant on our behaviour, beliefs or what we do or not with our genitals.

Think of how much stress that can take off a person. It’s really not a logical thought that there’s two or more afterlife areas where a souls spends eternity – unless you reincarnate – and the time period you have to determine which one you go to is based on such a short time span compared to eternity.

You also have to wonder, how good a person really is if they are only being good to be rewarded or avoid punishment. That doesn’t suggest they really are good, just good at obtaining rewards and avoiding punishment.

So, if there is an afterlife – it’s a natural world phenomenon and nothing you should spend your life fretting about wanting to be in the good section.

And perhaps you should consider that any entity that would be sitting in judgement of where you go, would be able to tell your baser motive than from a person who lived a good life for it’s own sake.

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