I managed to get 2 wheelbarrows tonight – it makes a big dent in the pile, but strangely, not so much spread in the front garden box.

dirt dirt everywhere, where the heck's my drink!

This far side of the front flower box is where the dirt went – I need to build up more around the hydrangea bush – it was strangled by weeds last year and buried deep in snow, so we’re hoping not to get the same massive snow dump since the roots are a bit higher

front garden, stage left

some flower views:

she loves roses - any flower, really

she loves roses - any flower, really

Atheist Cartoons


Here’s some great cartoons I’ve found on the net from an atheist perspective

this one has God and the Devil as characters, but since the acutal characters are dinosaurs who often question existence and only T-Rex can here the god/devil — I like to think it still counts