Are people of the religious right insecure?

The religious right has demonstrated over and over that what it fears more than atheists, more than gays/lesbians/bis/trans, more than single unwed mothers – is non-conformists of any kind.

It doesn’t matter how you don’t conform, it’s the non-conforming to what they think is optimal.

It’s as if they so insecure in being publicly straight and married with kids – that they are only validated when they can force everyone to behave or at least act in public like they are too.

You can see it in their eyes: “if everyone just doesn’t have sex before they are married and has kids and stays faithful (or at least doesn’t get caught), then no one has to know that I like kinky sex in front of mixed groups”

Because this is the thing – the more straight laced a person is in public, the more kinky they turn out to be in private.

Now the funny part is that when a member of the religious right is shown to be a hypocrite and does get caught with the dreaded dead girl or live boy – is that they don’t lose their credibility with the rank and file religious right.

This is confusing to the left, because word and deed are supposed to be the same – and being a hypocrite is supposed to matter – it’s supposed to show that the words people say mean nothing.

But that’s not what happens, the left forgets that the religious right is very big on redemption – the only thing better than being pure to the ideals, is failing and redeeming, being born again to those ideals.

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