Atheist Gardening

i guess that means a quarter

i guess that means a quarter

I’ve done another 6 barrows of dirt since the last update – and now we’re taking a week off to finish moving the extra dirt from here to the front garden box,  condition it and plant the blubs and make a space for the water feature.

The water feature will be completed next spring because there’s not realy any time left before the blicky rain and then snow – and if looking at the shrubs and trees around the lowermainland is any indication, it’s going to be as bad as last year’s winter.

But, I sure didn’t mind being snow bound at home for 5 days – we had laid in a good stock of food and coffee and the power never went off.

that would have been a nightmare, I dunno how I would have wrangled the cats into the same room as the dogs to keep everyone warm!

oh, and atheist gardening is just going out there and doing the gardening – not hoping for a garden to happen. You just get weeds that way.

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