isn’t hypocrisy of the believers, proof of no god?

If a person really believed the bible,  isn’t doing something you know to bad and relying on forgiveness/repentance just a loophole?

Isn’t it better to not do the bad thing in the first place?

and I don’t mean things considered little stuff in secular world – since in xtian religious world, lying is as bad as murder – there’s not really a degree of bad since according to the bible (notice it’s pronounced buybull) you go to the same hell regardless of the sin:

Which brings me to Pedophile Priests

If anyone really truly believes there’s a god, you’d think that it’s the priests.

Yet, their “knowing” that there’s a god and judgment upon death,  didn’t make them refrain from molesting children.
Is it because it’s not in the big 10 commandments – Thou Shall Not Molest Children?

Should people who are in a position of moral authority not be able to work at least that one out on their own?

And the people who didn’t do the molesting, but protected and moved the pedophile priest to new parishes, to new victims. What about their belief? Protecting the church by protecting the pedophiles? putting the church above the children?

If there’s a hell, molesting children must be at the top of the list for why you’re there – but again, you go to hell for plowing your field with an ox and a donkey together – so I suppose, once you’ve done that, all bets are off on behavior control.

2 thoughts on “isn’t hypocrisy of the believers, proof of no god?

  1. Beats me why it’s a fetish that gets swept under the Catholic carpet. Maybe if they did decide to prosecute or kick out their pedophiles they wouldn’t have many priests left…

    • Well, a lot of gay men and lesbians became priests and nuns to avoid being forced into loveless marriages or suspicion about their sexual identity – probably a lot joined to be fixed by god too

      after a time, they discover there’s no fix

      now, pedophiles are a totally separate from gay men.

      pedophiles probably joined to be fixed and found they not only were they not fixed, but they found a protected haven – access to victims and protection from exposure

      the remedies in jail – therapy, chemical castration, physical castration – none of those fix a pedophile

      there’s a study done a couple years ago on a very small sample of 12 convicted and confessed pedophiles that died – their brains showed thinner white matter and less dense connections in the brain area where social conduct is processed

      I think that’s a bit telling, but again, too small a sample at this junction to point to this and say aha!

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