True Believers

What is with this insistence by True Believers that only they or ones like them or that they approve of are True Whatevers and other people who say that they are whatevers are not.

What’s interesting about True Believer is that it’s not about religion anymore, but other areas, like fans of an entertainer or being into any cause – vegetarians, environmental – but it’s this spill over into fandom that I find most interesting.

On an Elvis forum, I had a woman tell me that I wasn’t a true Elvis fan because I was willing to accept certain claims about Elvis being realistic and likely.

And it was funny to me that my listening specifically to him for the last 33 years, collecting albums, cds, books and DVDs somehow didn’t mean I was a true fan if I accepted certain claims as fact.

To me it was very much like people in one splinter group of xtianity claiming members of other splinter groups weren’t true xtians to be the same thing.

So, funny that it’s not enough to be in the club, now you have to be in the correct chapter.

Wouldn’t you expect that the oldest chapter – the Catholic Church – is the correct one?

Do you think this is an American thing – that anything European is rejected and the authority must be local?

Is that why Mormonism took hold, because it claimed a third testament right in the US?

Is it that religious American’s can’t cope with the Bible, allegedly the word of god, making no mention of America?

How to deal with morning glory

I’ve come across an easy and safe way to deal with morning glory – that evil  vine broad leafed white flower invader that chokes everything.

Get a 2 gallon sprayer from the pesticide/weed area of your local garden centre.

set it up according to the instructions and in the bottle put:

1 cup table salt

and fill to the max with pickling (7% acid) or regular (5% acid) clear vinegar.

spray the leaves liberally, but take care not to get any on other plants.

the next day, the leaves will be brown and shrivelled!

no nasty chemicals, no safety gear needed

I was impressed that it worked faster than roundup.

Burned Glory

you cna see what a bad problem we have – and a light spray has caused it to burn and turn brown!

we’ll be appying the higher acid one and giving more reports – the lighter investation in the front yard totally shrivelled – so don’t be shy about pouring on the vingegar

burnt glory 2

here you can see the morning glory really burnt by the vinegar and salt