It’s funny that ID/creationists seem to think that any improbability or gap in evolution  means that automatically goddidit wins

It’s not really a choice between Evolution and a Sciencey worded Christian Creation Myth.

You have to look at the evidence and understand it – and the evidence does not suggest everything magiked into existence some 6000 years ago.

There’s the half life decay of radioactive material, there’s the rock strata, there’s the fossil records, there’s the continued extinction of species, the variety of species that continue to exist and we have a solid theory for the mechanisms of the evolution process.

And yes, we continue to observe species evolving today – including the Galapagos Finches – but most readily in virus and bacteria.
There’s no evidence for goddidit, there’s no way to observe, test or submit for peer review.

Do we have every fossil? No, fossils aren’t automatic and it’s not easy to find them.

And, even if we have a fossil A and a fossil C – when we do find a Fossil B – then the creationists will demand that there’s a A.5 and a B.5 to fit in-between those.

Evolution, for which there is  evidence – observed, tested and peer reviewed – even with it’s gaps and not fully explained areas, and because the theory can incorporate new data  is still the best explanation we have

Especially when the alleged alternative has no evidence, cannot be observed, tested, and the peers for it don’t even agree with each other – every religion after all, has it’s own creation myths – and there’s even several different kinds of creationists – some of whom will agree that their deity used evolution.

That “science” is a self correcting process is it’s strength, not a weakness.

That religion changes at a glacial pace, is not able to adjust to new information (because how can it be infallible when it’s wrong?) is it’s weakness.


Just wanted to add a link to an index of creationist claims and the science responses – everything that creationists claim and why it’s wrong.

remember: sciencey sounding words are not science


I’m watching a History channel doc series call Engineering an Empire

all about the huge public works of various civilizations

and they often say the line modern engineers are astounded that they built these things without modern equipment

which just goes to show you how effective a guy with a whip can be over a lot of people with little shovels, picks and buckets.

no, seriously, it makes me wonder why, with all our modern equipment and knowledge, that what we build today, doesn’t compare to these ancient works at all

why aren’t we building cool places and public works anymore?

religion is force of evil

Religion is not a force of good or positiveness in the world.

Religion doesn’t teach people to care for and look out for each other – as evidenced by the Mormon and Catholic Church’s continual efforts to prevent gays and lesbians being equal under the law.

Religion doesn’t teach community either – look how many religions there are – they aren’t one community – they are all factions competing against each other for members – and the CC just did a major outreach to poach disaffected Anglicans.

Look at the honor killings in Islam – this week a man in Arizona ran over his 20 year old daughter for being too Westernized – a few months ago, a man in Toronto murdered his second wife and his three daughters because one of the girls dated a white boy – and by second wife, I mean he had 2 wives and they claimed the second one as the nanny for immigration.

Pedophile Priests, Missionaries, Crusades, Witch Trials and the list of death, damage and cultural destruction goes on…..

Humans are intolerant and sexist – and while religion is not the cause of it, it is usually the justification and inspiration for that behaviour. Religion is the formalization and systemic expression of making intolerance, discrimination and sexism a cultural norm – as evidenced the  special consideration and exemption for religious behaviour that we do not give to secular associations.

Region’s affirming of intolerance and discrimination also makes that intolerance and discrimination seem divinely ordered, authorized and even desirable – giving rise to people thinking that it is their divine mission to carry out acts of violence against those that they do not like.

Mother Teresa claimed to want to help the poorest of the poor, the sick and dying. But her hospices did not have doctors or nurses or medicine. There was no pain relief, because of her belief that suffering makes you closer to god – so she surrounded herself with other people who were suffering in order for her to feel god.

She jetted around the world, taking money from average Westerners to the wealthiest of evil dictators – there was never a public accounting of where all those funds went – but it sure wasn’t into healthcare.

She also advocated against women in poor countries having reproductive control – and essential element to elevating women’s social and economic status – all MT’s being against this basically ensured more dead children as women had babies in larger groups to ensure a few survived into adulthood.

And, when Mother Teresa died – you may not have noticed, since it was the same weekend that Princess Diana died – Mother Teresa had been in a real hospital, with doctors and medicine – she was not in one of her warehouses of suffering.

You can be good for it’s own sake, for what it contributes to your community.

If you are being good in hopes of being rewarded in heaven or avoid punishment in hell, then you are actually only seeking reward/avoiding punishment – and not actually doing good at all.

be good for it’s own sake

you can be good, and more often than not, it’s without any gods

if you do any reading about gods, you will learn that they are murderous, jealous, petty, egotistical, intolerant and really, not anyone you’d want over to your house for coffee and cake.