Open Minded

open minded does not mean accept any and all claims as possible.

that’s called gullible.

open minded means you listen to the evidence and come to a conclusion, but continue to consider new evidence if presented – and may or may not draw a new conclusion

hmm,  sounds like the scientific method!

but without the peer review check and balance.
atheistsare in fact open minded, we’re reserving judgment pending actual evidence to consider

believers are not – they’ve already made up their minds that a deity exists – although, it’s not clear how they came to settle on one over all the tens of thousands of others to chose from.

but not being open minded is a taunt that believers throw down – sort of like how the conservatives also use the word “liberal”, “feminist” or “lesbian”

I have often thought that if those names aren’t being applied to you that you’re not doing your job right!

but, it sure does show the lack on their side of the alleged debate when the believer argument boils down to “C’mon, if you believer and you die you go to heaven, but no harm and no fouls if there isn’t one” and “don’t be close minded”

well, the problem with that is two fold

first, there is great harm potential in believing in hopes of being rewarded as any suicide bomber, abortion doctor shooter or 9/11 or 7/7 suspect is proof of.

second, if there is a heaven and being an actual good person for it’s own sake and avoiding causing harm to others isn’t enough to get in – and being a repentant child molesting murderer is okay to get in – then that’s no heaven that I’d want any part of

nor is any deity who would send good people to eternal torment for mere lack of belief any deity worth giving any consideration to.

all the deities that humans have worshiped have really demonstrated the worst of human traits – jealous, insecure, violent, rapist and murdering bunch – and they are  no one you’d want over for dinner.

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