Why are Believers intellectually dishonest?

Why do the Believers lie?

I’m not saying they do it every day – but when they debate atheists or talk about evolution they do.

They clearly don’t understand it, but aren’t honest enough to say that.

Instead, they misrepresent what evolution is and will use words to mean one thing instead of the proper definition from the context.

Like “You believe in evolution”

No, I don’t believe in evolution, I accept evolution based on the evidence for it.

“It’s not a fact, it’s a theory.”
Well, a theory in science is not a guess, it’s a framework that explains all the facts. If you don’t understand a scientific theory from a layperson’s theory, then why aren’t you complaining about the Theory of Gravity to the same degree that you are about the Theory of Evolution?

And you never get an answer for that question.

But, I am not the audience for these people, their audience isn’t really atheists or anyone who’s had a good education in science.

They are trying to confuse the poorly educated (or poorly remembered about their eduction) to get numbers on their side – as if reality is up for a vote or that numbers on one side gives it validity. (shocking news, if you add up any religious group and then add up everyone who’s not in that group, more people aren’t in it than there are!)

Numbers of believers do not mean the belief is true – I think it comes down to their insecurity as an individual

they can only be right and valid if they can force everyone to be as they are

absolutist thinkers, heterosexual and anti-sex and anti-anything that challenges their tidy and simplistic world view

they don’t get to be special or right in a world where there’s more questions than answers, where morals are not derived from a checklist and are in fact situational and difficult – where they can pretend that nothing changes since god made the world perfect

and the world does change – even religions evolve – they have to it’s all about the market share – the xtian sects of 2000 years ago are nothing like the sects today

I don’t think that they are smart enough to be intellectually dishonest.

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