this is what I find so funny about believers and their need for certainty

They need to believe that morals are absolute (yet often hold contradictory ideas like abortion bad, euthanasia bad, but death penalty good and sending soldiers to war is good) rather than situational.

They also don’t allow for rule conflict – so lying is bad, even when the lie can spare feelings or save a life.

And isn’t it funny that with the xtians, the 10 commandments are largely about who you can worship and petty emotions like jealousy and envy rather than not raping children?

But I digress

They think religion offers certainty because they think what they believe is the way that their religion has always been – when really, people even 200 years ago would not recognize any of the way religion is done now. And certainly not people of 2000 years ago.  And if Xtians really thought that the length of time a religion has been around is what makes it true, shouldn’t they all be Jewish? Or at least Catholic since that was the last one standing of all the early sects – until it began to splinter again?

but this is the point – if you really want certainty

science is the same no matter where you go on the planet

Sure, it can change and adapt when new data can’t be incorporated into old theories – remember Continental Drift? Replaced in the 1960’s with Global Plate Tectonics because it explained everything that the CD theory did and much more.

But, that’s the nature of science – a continual quest to increase knowledge and better understand the world.

Whereas religion, well, religion is different everywhere. If you randomly picked 5 countries, each would have a different religion dominating it, and even if it’s called the same, it’s practiced differently.

And do you ever wonder why all these people who claim to have had a near death experience always come back and say that they’ve brought a message from the beyond about how we’re supposed to be good to each other – not a one ever has said Religion X is right and all others are wrong – so let’s all be Religion X – no, it’s always them as the new prophet with a website, a book and a video to sell.

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