Imposing Morals

It’s a strange delusion that religious followers have that they are entitled to impost their morals on other people and that those other people don’t get to impose back on them – both at the same time!

And funnily enough that “those other people” despite being adults, are somehow unable to be moral if they don’t subscribe to the believer’s particular version of their religion.

I think it’s partly owing to their need to convert others – claiming someone’s immoral is the thin wedge part and of course, the fix to the immoral problem is the think wedge of conversion to their faith

The reality is, religion has zero to do with morality (and usually everything to do with immorality).

Gay marriage doesn’t impact anyone who’s not participating in one.

That I am a married lesbian, doesn’t lessen any marriage between straight people anywhere.

If marriage was really about religion,  why aren’t religious people insisting that straight atheists not be allowed to marry? Or at least demand the marriage realty shows be forced off air as blasphemy. Since their argument is so often that marriage is a religious ceremony and meaning, that they do not do these things shows that it’s not about religious or what they think is moral.

Morals are not divinely dropped in our heads – look honestly at any story of gods – their their demands of sacrifice, having children out of wedlock and never sending child support or calling. Often slaughtering whole populations or persecuting people over trifle offenses.

Morals come as part of our evolution.

People who were loners tended to not be able to gather the food, manage shelter, protect themselves from others and most of all, not able to pass their genes along.

So, people who cooperated, worked in groups and people who couldn’t work and play well with others were banished from groups.

But, it’s not entirely that simple – we’re between herd and pack animals – and these are social structures that are more complex than looking into a wolf or cow face suggest.

There’s alpha males and females, there’s ranking all down the line to the lowest.

Sometimes you move up when the older ones die, sometimes when you get strong enough to challenge them.

In the more complex social human structure, you have the added bonus of being able to create symbols, develop complex communication and more complex social rules.

Anyone breaking those rules faces death by banishment.

We as individuals benefit in the group standing by pulling the ones above us down below or out.

The idea of  “Girls you marry and girls you have fun with” has little to do with men – there’s simply no benefit for men to women you can’t have fun with.

That rule and convention benefits women by tarnishing others and reducing the pool of women deemed marriageable.

A young male gorilla challenging the eldest male to a fight to the death for leadership of the group is far simpler than any gang of teenage girls in your modern high school.

This is why the religious right fight so hard against gays, single mothers and anyone they deem morally unfit – they are frustrated that they can’t banish people to their doom – so the most they can settle for is blocking abortion where possible and blocking rights advances – they don’t accept they have lost the ability to control others.