Elvis the new religion

Elvis the basis for future religion.

I think that we are seeing a new religion emerging. Elvisism, Elvites, Presletarianism – something based around Elvis Presley.

The reason that I believe this is the many religious aspects of the Elvis story.

  • born in humble circumstances and poverty.
  • sole survivor of a twin birth that his father later claimed to recalling a strange light in the sky on the night of his birth
  • escaped death again at age 5 from a tornado that ripped through Tupelo.
  • He lived in Memphis along a mighty river and became known as The King, giving Pharaoh associations.
  • He recorded his first music on Sun Records – and most religions have sun gods, gods of light
  • He ushered in a great cultural change – broke racial barriers while heightening the generational gap and put overt sex at the cultural forefront
  • His personal image was one of racial tolerance, generosity/charity
  • The kisses, scarves and other items given out to the crowds during concerts is like having a blessing bestowed upon you
  • He was surrounded by a core group of disciples (Memphis Mafia) who have split into camps and written conflicting books after Elvis’ death
  • there are stories of him having visions, laying on hands healing,
  • there’s been after death sightings of him in person, or just his image appearing as people see Jesus, Virgin Mary,  and other religious figures in wood grain or mineral patterns, or on toasted bread products….
  • Elvis’ image is reproduced in religious type paintings
  • Impersonators or Tribute Artists are priests – even having special garments – Elvis’ stage wear and movie costumes.
  • people make pilgrimages to Graceland – especially for the winter holiday (Jan 8) and the end of summer (Aug 16) holidays – which is already a weeklong festival
  • The annual candlelight vigil are exhibiting a form of worship and ritual. As is the annual lighting of the Graceland holiday lights.
  • people have special areas in their homes of their Elvis collections, serving as altar areas or even rooms in their homes  which act as temples.

what other religious elements do you see in the Elvis story, that future generations will reinterpret?

Addition: April 24, 2010:

Using Elvis to disprove god

Addition: September 14, 2011:

Australia TV broadcasts Church of Elvis Documentary:

8 thoughts on “Elvis the new religion

  1. It must be those pouty-perfect Apollo lips! He was quite an Adonis in his youth, indeed. Now I’m no fan nor am I into males, but I can see his handsome looks.
    And most straight dudes I know seem to have a bromance man crush on him, yes. They just won’t stop panting, he’s all they want to be and to lick with passion at the same time 😉

  2. Why ohoy there! You are marvelous N of J&Mo comment section fame! Hope I don’t blow your disguise or anything.
    I just discovered you have a blog so I am indulging in your wit.

    To answer the question: some claim he had an heavenly voice, he could miraculously watch several TVs at a time, he was a role model for pasty adolescent males in my high school, his only thus more divine daughter was touched by another miraculous king of pop who’s also a enjoying religious cult for himself and um….. oh, he was worshipped by Lilo in Lilo and Stich! Now if that doesn’t count as religion then I don’t know what does!

    • No blowing my disguise, since I link to my blog from the most excellent J&M cartoon – and in fact, they are on my link list here.

      Elvis also transcended the mere beauty of humans – even the straightest of men were stunned by his appearance.

      There’s a hysterical Jerry Reed interview where he talks about just staring at Elvis in the studio.

    • Nope – although drugs could well be a factor.

      Elvis grew up in the Charismatic branch of Presbyterian – First Assembly of God Church – so as a child was exposed to people speaking in tongues and laying on hands healing.

      There’s several stories of Elvis doing the laying on of hands to heal people of headaches and body pains – convinced it was a gift he had from his childhood church exposure.

      There’s a story of him driving between LA and Vegas during the sixties, pulling over and seeing Jesus and Stalin’s faces in the clouds.

      It was these stories I was referring to and it’s easy to see how these could be expanded on in future.

  3. I have no connection to religion and xmas to the point that I was in a store selling holiday decorations

    saw a shelf of nativity scenes

    turned to my Mom and spouse and said loudly

    why do they have to ruin the holiday by shoehorning religion into it



    I had to think for several seconds why everyone was offended

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