so many bits

My, not even halfway through the first month and so many things happening at once.

Vatican – Stupid or Paid Promoters?…

Apparently, the Vatican has failed to learn the lesson of if you protest it, you’re guaranteeing the audience

so, are they that dumb or do you think studios are paying them to call blasphemy on movies?

not that Avatar, which has broken the 1 billion dollar mark, needs the help

Harper and Proroguing

Are we finally hearing a politician admit we’re better off without the government of the day?

For a guy who ran on an efficiency and senate reform, he’s certainly gotten into the throwing everything into chaos.

Let’s recap – when he was opposition leader, he promised to work with the Martin Minority goverment and instead, brought it down the first chance he got.

He claims to want to be PM of all Canadians, and when he became PM of a minority government, he somehow thought he was a majority and immediately attacked gays and lesbians, women and the civil service.

He ran on a government accountability and senate reform platform – and his “accountability” has only resulted in government decisions being pushed up at least 3 levels of management from where it used to be – so work is slower, less efficient and the people who should be accountable are not.

His first term, he appointed a campaign person who wasn’t elected to be the minister of Public Works and then appointed that person to the senate – a trough manoever if there ever was one – and added a new low by removing that minister of Public Works out of the reach of Question Period.

He passed a fixed election date law and promptly broke it.

And has now prorogued Parliament twice to protect himself -and be able to appoint more senators.

Is it too much to ask that people behave as they demand others to?

What a curious amnesia seems to occur that’s specific to politicians and occurs in the interval between being a minority party member and the majority one.

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