A&W Burger Family

First, I’d like to say that I enjoy A&W burgers – as long as I remember to ask for no seasoning salt to be put on them – it adds an unpleasant aftertaste.

But, I always found the family a little confusing.

Okay – Baby Burger – a basic smaller burger.

The Teen burger – a single pattie with bacon, cheese and fixins.

But the GRANDPA burger has three patties?

Seriously, what Grandpa can out-eat a teenager?

I guess the modern Teen variation lets you get a double patty version – which makes it larger than the 2 patty Papa Burger, as it has less fixins than the double teen.

With the Mama burger, you’re back to one patty.

Sometimes you can find the Uncle Burger, a variation on the Papa.

Now, I wonder, why is there no Aunt or Grandma Burgers?

I mean, women live longer than men – especially men who eat heavy beef diets.

And what about the other burgers who are around, but not relatives? Are they cousins we just don’t talk about?

Something is seriously wrong in the A&W burger family….