Valentine Dinner

This year, we decided to do something fun and make a Valentine themed dinner – everything heart shaped and in the pink genre.

Tandoori BBQ chicken breast, red potatoes with roasted garlic and tinted pink and beet slices – little hearts and slices with a heart shaped hole!

The chicken was marinated the day before in coconut milk and tandoori power – then cooked on the BBQ over lump charcoal for that silky smoke flavour.

The potatoes were boiled, garlic was roasted with both combined with red food colouring.

The beets were boiled, sliced, had hearts punched out, then back in the bowl for a light butter coating.

For desert:

A heart shaped red velvet cake with white chocolate icing – also tinted pink.

You need to make sure you have a lot of red food colouring, because the cake took a full bottle!