Spring is Sprung

We’ve been enjoying the spring weather – we seem to have by-passed winter all together – which is funny considering we’re hosting the Winter Olympics.

Ah well, it’s childish, but you’re supposed to stay in touch with your inner child.

We planted 100 bulbs back in October and we’re just watching everything coming up now!


Here’s a daffodil – flower neatly formed and waiting to burst forth!


Budding Lilacs


crocus…crocuses…croci???  already in bloom

crocus 2

These next two are arrangements of colour themed mixed bulbs – can’t wait to see how they bloom.

bulb arrangement 1

arranged 2

And here’s the pet transition photo:

puppy checks out daffodils

and then my dogs enjoying the spring weather

Pensive puppy

goldenest golden

wubbieHe has a blanket fetish

It’s so hard being pretty

Cat Parity!

shadows and stripes

well, almost parity

spookyalmost a Siamese kitty!

well, they are sisters

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