Crafting: Polymer Clay Characters

A while ago I started doing polymer clay sculpting.  It’s basically play doh for grown ups, except you can bake it and make it lasting little sculptures.

I did dust them off, but you can’t tell from the photos.

Here’s the remains of my collection, they are hard, but breakable.

clay gang

Okay, first the cats:

2 different kitties

The smaller cat’s eyes are glow in the dark green and I just winged it.

The larger cat was made from the polymer clay book of characters.

I made the smaller one to be a calico type, with the larger one is striped.

kitty backs

top view of dragons to show the cool tail tip and wings

This is a top view of a mommy dragon with a hatching baby.

The wings are made by making what’s called a cane. You make a tube of the inside colour and wrap it with other colours, sort of like a burrito.

Then you squeeze it down to compress it, slice and shape the pieces. For the spines, I squeezed them into triangles and the wings, I used a roller to lengthen them.

The egg shell is made from wings that didn’t roll nicely. The centre of the figures are tin foil balls.

The horns are made by cutting a cane in half and putting the 2 piece back to back, re-rolling it as a “worm” and then twisting them and shaping the horn.

frontish view of the rainbow dragons

2 more dragons:

blue and purple dragons

The blue shows the triangle spines and the purple has wings. Both have glow in the dark eyes and you can see the twisted horn on the purple dragon.

I also made their feet different, one has 3 spread out toes, while the other has less fanned out but more toes. Just trying different looks.

blue and purple back 3/4 view

Here’s another Mommy and Baby pair in pink:

Mommy and toddler, with egg

For these two, I experimented again. Mommy has a triceretops sort of frill and is holding an egg.

I also gave the Mommy and Toddler Dragon different ears, with the younger dragon’s being rounder to give it a sense of babyhood.

Also the feet are different, Mommy has longer and more spread out toes.

side view of pinkies


This is the first dragon I made, from an instruction book.

I made a mistake in the cane I did for the wings by giving it two centres, but it looks pretty cool.


The eyes are made of four colour layers – they are more real looking, but I kinda prefer the glow in the dark eyes.


Fairy, Wizard and Witch

These are all from a book to make characters.

I only like the belt on the wizard in the centre.  And the fairy on the rock turned out a lot more muppety than the book. I also made some alterations to the witch.

Side left, showing an extra rock for balance

The little roses in her hair were very fun to make, but the eyes are a bit drunken, especially the right side where the pupil is heart shaped.

fairy side right

I rolled some scrap clay into her crystal marble ball. And I like her flower petal dress.

The rock she is sitting on is a granite clay, the colours won’t mix. I like the way the hair and top layer of the dress drape here.

The Lilipop Witch

The stop sign she’s holding is loose but the horn wand is attached. I like making her outfit, I rolled out a solid colour sheet, then added some thinly rolled canes to give her a patchwork appearance. I used leftover spines from the pink dragons for her shoes.

I am very fond of her wings, the edges glow in the dark. An extruder was used to create her hair, which is metallic bronze.

the wings edges glow in the dark

that's all folks

Oh bonus craft: the new spring wreath to replace the one that the birds built a nest on and pooped all over:

homemade wreath for spring

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