Why are some straights paranoid about gay sex?

It’s interesting to me how alarmed, concerned, freaked out that some straight people are over gay sex – with never a whisper about lesbian sex

Just as an aside, these usually religious righteous straight types actually are more obsessed with gay sex than any gay person is.

Do you think it’s a Queen Victoria thing – women don’t do that?

Or that women on women is somehow less threatening?

Or that women are second class so it doesn’t matter?

It might be because many men are convinced that lesbian sex isn’t real or it’s just what gals do in between men for for a male audience.

Or that we’re convertible……


Is that why these offended and frightened straights  fear gay sex so much? They worry that it’s them who are convertible?

If that is the case, then fearing makes no sense, since if they were convertible, they’d like it.


I posted this on another blog, and wanted to add it here, because I didn’t want to lose the thought and they probably won’t approve it.


Sex is risky and life threatening, regardless of gender and orientation. The more partners a person has, the higher the chances they will have sex with a risky person.

There’s all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases – AIDs is hardly the only one.

But it’s risky sex that’s the risk, not sex per se.

If you really want to reduce AIDS in gay men – and I notice you ignore that lesbians have the lowest AIDs rate of all the groups – then the best response is a combination of education, circumcision, and encouraging stable and monogamous relationships.

Let’s just say it: Gay Marriage.

Cold hard truth is that marriage settles people down to monogamous relationships – sure some will stray, just like some straights stray now.

And, let’s say this cold hard truth: AIDS is not a gay disease. Globally, it’s Heterosexual. It only has the gay stigma in the US/Canada because gay men were the first to be diagnosed with it.

And everyone should be glad that they did, because AIDS is an equal opportunity killer and there are no innocent or deserving victims – there are just people who got it through bodily fluid contact – sex, needles or blood.

Gay Marriage is not going to change marriage – straight people will still marry – what gay marriage will change is the gay community.

Gay isn’t going away, the bill of rights does not contain a footnote that reads “this offer is not valid for gay people”, so, if the real concern is the spread of disease, then encourage a behavior change – reduce the risk, make gay marriage legal.