Why gay marriage has nothing to do with polygamy or incest

Marriage is a civil right. it’s a law of the land, and there’s no legal reason to prevent people from accessing the law or the benefits that come with it.

Gay marriage doesn’t change marriage – it remains 2 people exclusive of all others.

Polygamists are not gay allies – they are an entirely separate thing. Polygamy is one man married to several women. The women are not married to each other.

Polygamy is very much a heterosexual and religious thing – men showing ownership of women or showing off their wealth as measured by the number of wives they support.

Yeah, so not gay.

Polygamy  is a dramatic departure from marriage. Another departure is that a gay couple are a couple consensually and are both adults – in polygamy, the man is often a grandpa with a granddaughter age girl assigned to him in a marriage.

Incest is abhorrent, not just because of the power imbalance, lack of consent, and that it’s criminal rape  – but also on the survival level – inbred babies. Again, there is no overlap to gay adult relationships.

Polygamy and Incest however are linked because you have a disgust factor of a grandpa fathering children on a teen-child – so you have some birth defect issues there.

Not to mention, when you have a closed community of 100 men and 100 women – but 5 of the men are married to all the women…..

You have inequality all over the map – the 95 men without wives aren’t equal and if they are in the mormon group, they are doomed to hell without at least three wives – and the entire next generation having only 5 fathers – is a huge genetic collapse concern.

Basically, the argument against gay marriage on the disgust factor (which is not at all a legal argument) falls apart by thinking of Sesame Street – one of these things just doesn’t belong here, one of these things just isn’t the same:

gay marriage

that’s right, gay marriage does not belong on the list of disgusting things.

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