Idle Idols

It’s funny how some religions that insist that you can’t worship idols use so many of them for props, rituals and as a way of branding members.

Really, is wearing a religious symbol really any different than a T-shirt with a company logo emblazoned on it?

Leaving aside that the religions are hypocritical between word and deed, the main focus of religion seems to be to attack people for their innate natures.

We are symbol makers, pattern seekers, and sexual beings. No religion is going to change that, just make us feel guilty and like failures – so we’re easier to manipulate.

It’s not any different than advertising for any product. The basis of advertising is that you’re not good enough on your own unless you use our products.

Not being good enough means your house is dirty, you’re dirty and stinky, failed as a parent and person,  and are sexually unappealing on top of it. Changing all that is a tall order for gum, deodorant, laundry or dish soap, clothes and cars. It’s no wonder they’ve banned alcohol advertising – because that at least does makes us feel like we are funnier, smarter and more attractive.

Advertising has learned a lot from following religion’s lead. Distracting and disenfranchising people makes hem easier to control – they’ll do anything to be in the Members club and not be an outsider.

Religions condemn people for our natural inclinations nd then offer a salvation from that. Cults do it clumsily to the outsider, but older and more established religions are more subtle and skilled – to the point that their hypocritical mumbo jumbo is accepted dogma that the practitioners cherry pick from.

Remember: a religion is a cult that’s lost it’s amateur status and gone pro.

It’s not just Christians with the priest and nun costumes, the crosses, crucifixes,  rosaries, the televangelist hair and all the rest – okay, stained glass windows are pretty, but still….

Muslims originally forbade the image of Mohammad because they didn’t want the kind of idolatry that there is with Christ. Because, all the paraphernalia ends up becoming the focus, rather than the central figure – and we’ve seen this concern play out in modern times with Elvis. Most people forget what a musical innovator he was and instead, they recall the jumpsuits, Vegas, shooting tvs and a life of excess.

Further idolization of Mohammad occurs when the rabid response against images of Mohammad itself becomes the idealized response. They’ve gone from “don’t disrespect him by making images” to “kill the desecrator!”

Thinking about using  idolatry has finally made the Christian Trinity make sense.

The shift from there being just god at first and then god and Jesus created a problem of people having two things to worship.

Which is where the holy ghost comes into play, making them separate entities but also one. So it becomes okay to worship god and his earthly stand in (or idol) when they are made even more magik – and three is a long time magik number – by being one and the same.

The ghost aspect adds an extra supernatural dimension, which is really confusing, so you are distracted by the incestuous idea of being your own parent.

No wonder the religious right pushes for missionary only, they need a break from the rest of their kinkiness.