If atheism is a religion, then….

  • unemployed is a career.
  • being a nonsmoker is a habit.
  • Christians are Flying Spaghetti Monster rejectionists
  • Muslims are Invisible Pink Unicorn denialists.
  • barefoot a kind of shoe.
  • health is a disease.
  • bald is a hair colour
  • not collecting stamps or comics or plates or spoons or anything is a hobby
  • not painting, writing, sculpting, composing makes you an artist
  • good health is a disease
  • sanity is a mental illness.
  • and water is a Kool-Aid flavor

Remember two things:

  1. there’s more credible evidence for Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster and UFOs than any deity that’s ever been worshipped.
  2. There are more people who do not believe in any particular version of any religion, than people who believe in it