House Evolution

We bought our house in 2003 and the original colours were:

Cream with green trim, brown roof & gutters

While the front living room and back dining room windows had already been changed by the previous owner, you can see by the upper story window, that the original windows were aluminum and brown. We had the remaining windows all replaced with vinyl framed, double glazed with argon gas to improve insulation.

We also picked bathroom pebbled glass for the garage window so light would still come in, but people couldn’t look in to see anything. It was part of the general security improvements – the front garden was original also shrubs and ground cover – including a large rhododendron that blocked the front door from the street view. This was a nice privacy feature, but security trumps privacy.

You can see the greed front door and the wood white & green garage door

This is after the roof has been redone to blue and see the white gutters replacing the brown ones - and the original wood garage door.

We made one change to the downspouts, the original one had a downspout right at the front corner of the garage, so the water ran across the sidewalk. This was a safety hazard in winter, since that creates an ice problem. We had them relocate the front downspout to the overhang post at the front door – so the water then went directly into the garden.

Before we added the wood border around it and more dirt, in fall when the rain was really bad, a lot of water came down this spout, creating a short running water feature and pond that extended into the yard.

Above the house number, you can also see the original brown lantern style light fixtures.

the front side yard before the dirt and fence replacement

In addition to changing the colour of the roof, we also updated the vent system – instead of the whirly one or plain vents, we picked ridge venting – which means that the vents run along the entire peak of each roof.

The advantage of this is that there’s no hot pocket of air in the highest peaks, since the vents cut into the roof can only allow hot air to escape from below whatever level they are set at.

It also ends up being more square inches of venting than a couple of vents in each roof – so there’s more air flow – reducing heat and moisture.

The original fence had a small gate right up to the house – the fence was already falling apart and here you can see where we did a sort of band aid with thin strips of wood nailed to hold the boards in the frame together.

back yard view showing the wood overhang for the lower patio

The front, back and garage to door doors were replaced with white steel doors – improving appearance and security.

Also from the back view, the upper story bathroom windows remain the original frames. They don’t make the fancier windows this small, so when we had the house painted, we had the frames redone to white, so they matched in colour the other windows.

the 2 level flower box - where the bulbs circles are

The mostly completed project – new roof and gutters, all outside doors to steel, few fence and complete colour change.

We also changed the wood overhang for a metal one and the garden shed from wood to a plastic one – which ended up being a mistake, since it fell down….

And of course, the garden overhaul from one front flower bed and pots to three raised flower beds, pots and a rock garden.