Bloom a polooza

The garden seems to be exploding with colours.

These tulips were to support breast cancer awareness and I have to say I am happy they aren't pink - they are purple and orange

and here is the top view

a detail of three blooms from the red circle

the pink tulips from the white circle are starting to bloom

the yellow triangle blooms - side and top views

Ogo loves flowers

from the blue/purple circle - these close at night

the pink rock flowers become less spikey

newest garden decortion - for the back porch

2 thoughts on “Bloom a polooza

  1. At least they didn’t get super crass and make it on the chicken breast burger.

    but bleah, no, I hadn’t heard that one.

  2. The flowers are beautiful.

    You mention planting the tulips for breast cancer awareness, and that you’re glad they’re not pink. Did you hear about the collaboration between Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Kentucky Fried Chicken? KFC is offering fried chicken in pink buckets and Komen gets a cut of the money. Too bad they didn’t partner with a food product that would actually be good for a cancer victim to eat. Kentucky fried chicken? There can’t be too many less healthful foods out there.

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