Mom’s Garden

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Just wanted to give an idea of where I get my gardening interest.

My grandmother had pretty much an entire green body, never mind just the thumb.

My Mom has continued that and both my sister and I – despite hating gardening as teenagers – are both involved in gardening now.

street view of the rock installation on the boulevard

The dirt project that we completed was nothing compared to my Mom’s – we had a mere 2 dumptruck loads of dirt, while my Mom had 4 and half.

They did a lot of rock sifting the hard way and my sister turned the grassy boulevard into this rock art representation of a river, using different sized rocks and using some leafy plants.

rock river detail

They recently added this neat fence with chicks n hens in front and columbines in behind with the rose circle just beyond …

fence with chicks n hens border

the strawberry garden

Making a tiered bed for the strawberries and defining the levels with river rocks makes a stunning and tasty garden addition.

strawberry fields forever!

pink dogwood next door

and then the colours of spring in flowery glory – bleeding hearts, tulips and more!


stunning colours

the multi colour tulips and a back lit by sun white one

sun kissed

a flowering shrub

bleeding hearts

making the hydro box pretty

rose circle with the dirt still to do behind

tree with hostas

the dog in the backyard

Inventions and Userability

Things that someone should invent:

– an alarm clock that releases smells like coffee, bacon, and other morning scents to get people moving

– car key fobs that not only lock/unlock, but also are beepers that alert you when your car alarm is going off

– a steering wheel with sensors that check your heat, sweat and heart rate and if it determines that are you too angry to drive, gives you a two minute warning to pull over because the car is going to shut off if you’re driving – or not start if you’re trying to – sort of an increase in the breathalyzer thing that lets you start your car to ensure you’re not drunk.

Userability Designs

Being able to use anything should be simple and not require reading a manual or having to think too hard about it.

– keys cut on both sides, so it doesn’t matter which way you put it in.

– digital camera that don’t take pictures unless the memory card is in it – and the lens cap is off.