Best religion?

It’s always funny to me when a believer wants atheists to rank religions in terms of what the atheist thinks them acceptable or more believable.

Because when the broadest stroke – a deity/supernatural – is ridiculous on it’s own, the details of worshiping said skydaddy aren’t even considerations in ranking them.

That some religions are worse than others in their violence levels (historic and current), their oppression of women and their attitudes towards minorities and non-/other believers, doesn’t make the least offender acceptable or more beleivable.

Worse, that these believers don’t realize that their attempt to create a slippery slope where if this religion is okay, then why not the next most similar one, is such a clumsy and obvious strategy that is easily sidestepped by answering none of them are acceptable or at all beleiveable.

Well, maybe they don’t realize or more likely, that they don’t respect the atheist as an intelligent person so dishonestly expect that we won’t see through their sad attempt to get a concession.

In any event, I’d rather be the worst of a good thing than the best of a bad thing.

6 thoughts on “Best religion?

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  2. I think that the asking about best religion is related to trying to characterize atheists as hard or soft

    as if there’s fundamentalist, reform, moderate or whatever measure of degree applies to religious belief

    also somehow applies to atheism

    when it does not, there’s only one atheism – no accepting of the deity claim without proof

    anything else is down to the individual atheist.

  3. um, Ovais,

    When I tried to go to your creativeco website, my security program blocked your site as it has been reported 3 times in 90 days to have malicious code that would harm my computer

  4. Hi Ovais

    I am going to admit to know knowing that much about the Quran, but I do find your claims about it dubious.

    1 a better editor of the text to create a cohesive story, doesn’t make it more compelling, when it still suffers from the same big picture issue of before asserting that it’s the revealed word of a deity, you have to establish that there’s a diety.

    it is circular logic to say the holy text is true because a deity revealed it, and we know a diety revealed it because the text says so.

    2. No, the Quran does not reflect any modern science and like the Bible, much is not at all scientific or natural.

    3 again, better editing doesn’t make it truer.

    4. Many religions suggest being charitable – so no points for that – it’s also a secular thing to be charitable, so that’s not even a point for any religion.

    5. all religions believe their deity is supreme, omnipotent, etc – so no points for this.

    6 Very few religions advocate war, they all claim peace and moderates of any faith tend to being peaceful, however, the texts of religions are rarely content to allow others to have no or a different faith or allow any member to leave without penalty, which in Islam, I believe means death – so this is not peaceful.

    Well, I guess it has to depend on what you are defining as peaceful – is peace achieved when everyone is converted? or can peace be achieved in the current mix of faiths and non-faiths?

    Religions all claim to be peaceful, and none have not left heavy blood stains on history or oppress minorities.

    7 it’s not logical to worship a deity that you cannot prove exists, so, not, it’s not.

    8 Islamic countries are not free from violence and crime – so this is not credible.

    I will check the website, thank you.

  5. I believe that Islam is the best religion in world because of the following reasons:
    1) There is no contradiction in the holy book Quran.
    2) There are lots of ayats or signs which speaks about science and they are 100% correct .
    3) There is no grammatical error in whole quran.
    4) Islam not only tells about the good things but also suggest ways to achieve those good things in society. for example to curb poverty, Islam says that one should donate 2.5% of his savings early.
    5) Islam believes in oneness of god i.e. Allah.
    6) Islam guides towards peace.
    7) Everything is logical in Islam.
    8) Islam provides total solutions to the problems of society and humanity by curbing all the evils of the state and society such dacoity, rape, murders etc.
    9) And there are several other reasons which suggests that islam is the best . Kindly visit this site for more knowledge about islam

    Information about Delhi

  6. I am actually reminded of a conversation during a cartoon.

    The chocolate cupcake asks the dog: “Jake, which flavor do you like better: chocolate or fudge?”

    Jake the dog responds: “Well, I can’t have either of them because I’m a dog and they’d probably kill me…but if I had to choose, I’d say………neither!”

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