The back deck project

Project Weekend One

Now that the front yard is taking shape – okay, except for some weeding and planting the seedlings we’ve been sprouting – it’s time to make the back patio and deck our spring and summer oasis.

the furniture clutter under the overhang

Normally, this area is not like this – In the far left corner you can see the last remaining wall of the garden shed, where the furniture and non-electrical yard tools were kept.

When the windstorm knocked this shed down – and this is not a product we’re every buying again – wood sheds or nothing – we had to get everything out before the total collapse – and it ended up in a heap here.

But, since the weather is getting nicer – we’re setting out the deck furniture.

We have more than last year, as the folks next door moved out to a smaller place and we bought a set of living room type outdoor furniture from them.

So, we have an outside kitchen, living room and dining room. If we had more bushes in the yard, there’d be a bathroom too and we could live in the yard!

Here’s the reverse view of the upper and lower decks:

covered in pots and pots of plants

The wire fence is a portable dog kennel – stretched out to keep the dogs off the deck – they like to eat the potting soil.

In the blue barrel foreground is our new fig tree, there’s strawberries in the pale rectangle containers on the railing, 4 kinds of blueberries, a pink Aspen hydrangea in the far front corner, honeysuckle outside the railing, a kiwi inside with the wood lattice, and many herbs usually 2 to 3 kinds of rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, and winter & summer savory are the staples. A few other herbs like catnip which is supposed to repel ants, but is also fun for the cats and last year I added lemongrass.

Lemongrass has a strong citronella scent and it’s supposed to be good to discourage wasps – and it’s nice to break off some stalks, wrap it around chicken or pork and BBQ for a Vietnamese flavoured dish.

Hops on the side yard

We also got these containers and lattices from the folks who moved – they are hops. I don’t think that they ever made beer from them, but they are an attractive vine plant that adds some privacy and greenness.

This is also our morning glory problem area – I sprayed it with the salt and picking vinegar to get the vines dying and then we ripped it all out down to the roots that we could reach – I’ll be adding more vinegar this weekend and hopefully the wretched stuff won’t be back next year.

Project Weekend Two

the tidy up begins

We’ve decided how to lay out the planters on the deck and have started to shift things around.

Instead of the 6 hanging baskets on the inside, we’ve moved them entirely to the front rail alternating in and out.

We’re going to have the hops on the outside and the clematis climbers on the inside of the side railing. The Alpine Hydrangea stays in the side front corner, surrounded by the blueberries. The hanging baskets on the inside have herbs and the outside ones have wave petunias – which finally arrived and we bought 16 – half for the front window boxes and half for here – they are danglers so hopefully the goldens won’t eat them.

the alternating hanging baskets

from the outside

You can just see the goldens checking out their slightly reduced yard size – we moved the small iron fence that stopping them running down the side yard in morning glory land to just even with the deck so they don’t eat the dirt from the hops.

arty or documenting clutter?

fuzzy clematis starting to flower

honeysuckle starting to bud - soon the humming birds arrive

loaded for blueberries

And I really can’t wait for our first back yard fruit salad of blueberries, strawberries, cherries and the blackberries that peek over the fence from the back fence neighbour’s yard!

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