Atheism A Poem by P Smith

Guest Blogger: P Smith with a poem:


Theists claim the world is theirs,
That they work in churches and “A priori”;
The claim false titles to land,
And false titles like monsignori.

They congregate as the aggregate,
Of mixed up minds, set like concrete;
Dogma is no more than smegma,
They repost and repeat to replete.

The monastic bombastic – fantastic,
In toilets, the cloister will loiter;
Chopping glance at glans and glands,
Hoity-toity are they and their goiter.

In drag, priests take a drag,
The cannabis of cannibal cabalists;
Fellation of fellas by a fellowship
Lip service in a hateful solipsist.

Hypocrisy and christianity,
Together they march hand in hand;
“Do as I PRAY, not as I do!”
Lockstep in goosestep, they chant.

Pedophiles peddling petals of fronds,
And fathers fondling are fonder;
Palmistry for alms through psalms,
Have a yen for a yarn from yonder.

Popes and pastors are all pederasts,
More thought for image than damage;
Display their cachet and sashay,
Cache cash as they rape and ravage.

They lie that homosexuals are conceptual,
(And religion’s fascination with feces);
They rejoice that bois made a choice”.
Specious claims that “gays aren’t our species”.

They lie that lesbians are thespian,
That such women are wicca and wacko;
Their cynicism of schism about sapphism,
Theists would burn women like tobacco.

Not infallible but maybe fellatable,
They claim to answer to higher powers;
The morally vacant vatican,
Makes kids suck ivory in their towers.

Catharsis in the cathedrals,
Sinecure in the synagogues,
Masking murderers in the mosques:
The demonically deist demagogues.

Irresponsible and reprehensible,
They blather and blame as they bomb;
Dictators dispensing dichotomy,
They appeal and appall with aplomb.

They’re unconvincing and conniving,
Unconvicted religious conviction;
And like cocaine and heroin peddlers,
They seek to hook the young with addiction.

The religious want you to believe,
“Pascal’s Wager” is a way to determine;
Religion’s game is “Snakes and Adders”,
They’re all venomous vipers and vermin.

They babble and burble the buybull,
Overdone, and overwrought;
Bigots spew “begat” and “begot”,
They would make you pay for freethought.

There’s no shame in knowing you don’t know,
But there’s ignominy in ignoring one’s ignorance;
One can’t make conclusion from occlusion,
No avoidance of evidence before inference.

The world would be lighter and brighter,
It would not be bereaved or bereft;
Enlightened and enlivened, not burdened,
If behind is where religion was left.

An agnostic is not antagonistic,
And an atheist is not anti-theist;
Repeating lies won’t make them true,
(But try telling that to christian or deist).

If you had never heard of “god”,
Not molested by your mother with religion;
You would be an atheist now,
Because atheism is the default position.

For the same reason you reject Anu,
And other “gods” through Zeus, too;
Atheists reject all those “gods”,
And the one believed by you.

Don’t be ecumenic – try acumen,
Don’t be erratic or rabid – be rational;
Atheism is not violent like religion,
It destroys faith in ways educational.