Back Deck and Garden Update

Well, we managed to get 95% of the deck organized – just a little bit of clutter around the edges left.

step one - make room - push all the pots to the edge of the deck

on the lower deck too - need room to move through

setting up the dining deck

a back corner detail - lettuce on the ground, the columbine and privacy vine plants

dining view - lettuce!

setting up the living room

add cushions and sit down

a living to dining view

Then, we thought that the 4 chairs looked crowded, so tried this configuration

2 at the table, 2 to chat on the lower deck

doggies don't like change

living room detail - lantern and Turkish BBQ

Yes, that copper thing is another BBQ to cook food over real fire! And, we’re going to try it out this year – after all, we’ve only had it since 2004 – it was a wedding present.

goldens get over it

Mostly, they love being in the backyard with The Mommies and the furniture being out just means more time to play and spend there.

The back yard flowers & plants

honeysuckle blooming


Japanese dogwood

columbine in the backyard

more tacky frogs!

The front garden update

the cancer tulips are dying back

I like this image because they look like they are flames.

bachelor buttons

another columbine

wave petunias planted

And an inside addition

cat grass

because they should have their own to destroy

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