Too Much Cuteness

We got our retrievers in fall of 2004 – a brother and sister – a destructive duo of cuteness. Here’s a sample of their first year with us:

puppy wants in now

they always like to sleep in contact

sniffing at leaves

MY Ball mine mine mine

they are really big posers

moments in dog thought

disposable container $1.25 - happy puppy priceless

sleepy time

we didn't realize she had cataracts

Nora had juvenile onset cataracts and at one year old underwent double lens replacement. At two, her left eye was lost to glaucoma and she’s a very happy and adjusted one eyed dog. Even her brother only will play attack her from her sighted side – unless she hurts him and he gets mad at her.

All the baby pictures with cloudy eyes, we though it was just the flash or other light reflecting.

my blankey

Nick doesn’t like to share.

good boy

frosty puppy

mine mine mine

snow puppy

too cute

5 thoughts on “Too Much Cuteness

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  2. Y’know I adopted two puppies at the same time in 1991. They chewed two couches (one was an antique, another I bought new for $1,000), ate the bindings off my most expensive cookbooks, and ate their way through a pine gate.

    Come to think of it, that was about the same time I became an agnostic! Coincidence? I’m not so sure!


  3. Puppies/Dogs do wonders to improve your quality of life.

    They also need to be cute – these two chewed 9 holes in the drywall, ruined 2 futons, 1 couch, the wall to wall carpeting, wedding photos, the backyard garden which is now grass and probably more things that I don’t remember.

    But, I wouldn’t trade them for anything or use a do over to not get them.

    Just make sure you match the breed to your lifestyle.


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