Roasting Garlic

Garlic is one of the best herbs going – it adds so much flavour and aroma – and yet never seems used enough.

It has great health benefits and is especially good for heart smart diets (okay, not when used in buttery garlic bread).  I am half Ukrainian and the joke on my Mom’s side is often that it’s garlic that makes the women of the family live into their 90’s and sometimes early 100’s.

One of the best ways to eat garlic is to roast it – this makes the garlic a nutty sweet flavour and avoids the odour that many find unpleasant that comes from chopping it.

I bought a very cute garlic roaster – you’ll see why I say it’s cute in a moment.

When you roast garlic, you can add other spices. Usually, I use a blackened Cajun spice like for the Green St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – but this time, I decided on just using garden herbs.

lemon thyme, sage, savoury, rosemary, chive in olive oil

I picked herbs out of the pots in the back, gave them a quick rinse and into the olive oil. For a moment, I totally forgot what I was doing, and almost added Herb’s Crushed Garlic that I keep on hand for quick cooking. When I do herb rubs, I always add garlic. D’oh.

mortar and pestle grinding for goodness

Grinding all the herbs into the oil to release their herby goodness.

Prepping the garlic

Pour the herb oil into the pan and add more olive oil. Cut off the tops of three bulbs and place cut side down in the oil.  I also added a shallot for more flavour.

Under the pan, there’s a terra cotta ring that was soaked in water – you’ll see it later.

three bulbs and a shallot

close lid (isn't it cute) push button

So, it takes 27 mins to roast the garlic, so, let’s head out to the garden.

another pinks plant

dusty miller surrounded by pansies & backed by the bleeding heart

My dusty miller turns into a huge bush by the end of summer – I’ve had three for several years, but so far, this is the only one that’s come back.

pink tulip still in bloom

the backyard fancy columbine

Let’s head back to see the roasted garlic.

open and breath deep

I remove the garlic bulbs and place them cut side down on a plate so the oil that’s been drawn up with drip out.

I leave the oil and herbs to cool – and the bulbs because they are too hot to touch.

cooling the bulbs - there's the moisture ring

roasted garlic cloves

I didn’t want to touch my camera during the squeeze process – but basically, I hold the bottom of the bulb and squeeze like it’s a round toothpaste tube and the cloves slide out easily.

You can also pull the bulb apart and use the back of a spoon to put pressure on the uncut end so the clove pops right out.

pour the cool oil and cloves into an air tight glass jar

You can either use the seasoned oil in cooking or the garlic or both.

I ate two cloves before  I could put it in the fridge – it last up to 5 days in the fridge – so you can roast garlic on Sunday and use it all week in your cooking!


Terrible Pope

So, Pope Ratz  er Palpatine er Benedict  thinks the sexual abuse of children scandal is terrible.

Almost makes it sound like this is the first that he’s heard of it.

Not to mention, that it also sounds like what he’s calling terrible is the public part and not so much the sexual abuse part.

For a group that’s all about repentance – which requires admitting what you did and being sorry for it – the Vatican and it’s lackeys are very quick to blame everyone and not take any responsibility.

First, it’s the children’s fault for telling, then it’s a few bad priest, then it’s the few bad ones and some higher ups.

Now it’s all homosexuals – seriously. Here’s a clue:

  • Homosexual men like other homosexual men.
  • Pedophile like children – sometimes they like a specific gender and sometimes they like whatever child they can get.

Most pedophiles are heterosexual in their adult cover relationships and their child victims. Girls are molested in far greater numbers than boys, yet there’s always more outcry when boys are the victims.

Unless it’s by a hot female teacher – but I digress.

Plus adult to teen is very different than adult to child.

You also need to consider that the average pedophile molests 250 children over their “career” – and that’s not the motivated ones, just the average ones.

The job of the church is to expand it’s base and protect itself.

Yet somehow, protecting itself didn’t include identifying pedophiles early and getting rid of them. Trying to screen applicants and not hire them in the first place.

Many pedophiles probably joined thinking that they could be cured or at least kept from temptation – instead they found access to  a steady stream of victims and protection.

I am not saying that there’s not gay priests – there’s a lot of estimates that the number of gay priests in the Catholic Church is higher than the general population – the Church was a place of last resort to avoid the social expectation of getting married – so many gays and lesbians joined – probably also hoping to be magically cured or at least, out of the eyes of suspicion.

But the portion of gay men who are pedophiles wouldn’t be any higher than the portion of straight men who are pedophiles. And again, many pedophiles focus on the child part first and gender secondly.

We are long past the time when the Church could pretend to be shocked – they have known for decades what was going on – and that there was a cover up all the way to the top ranks and top dude in the dress and pointy hat n shoes.

If the Catholic Church wants to retain any shred of claim to be a moral authority, then just accept the responsibility and starting writing cheques to the victims.

Don’t drag it through courts, don’t wait to be forced to apologize, just own it, pay for it, clean house and repair your internal processes.


Stop blaming other people – the men who did this were hired, trained, supervised and protected by the Church.