Rotten Rose of Texas

Soon enough it will be the state of Texas that is the lesser of the US states.

The Texas board of education is no longer ensuring education, but religious and conservative dogma be taught in schools.

The changes include teaching that the UN could be a threat to American freedom, and that the Founding Fathers may not have intended a complete separation of church and state.

BBC news

Thomas Jefferson is out and Senator McCarthy is in.

Evolution is out and ID is in.

Bad enough that the 5 million Texas students will be getting substandard or no substantial education, but Texas is a big enough market that this will ripple through the textbook publishing industry.

The Texas decision will have severe impact for decades, if not generations, to come. And eventually impact the economy – since millions of undereducated people will not be prepared to productively join the workforce which is increasingly information and knowledge based.

I’d like to think that the companies that publish the history and science textbooks have a sense of putting actual history and science in the textbooks,

But I fear that these companies may well be owned, in part, by the kind of folks who aren’t interested in teaching reality, but who are interested in framing what is deemed to be reality.

It seems too often in US politics that the people who own portions of majorities in companies often impact legislation and policy in a way that benefits their companies.

Perhaps the way to tackle these school issues is to first enact election reforms – limiting donations, donor disclosure – politicians having to put their company holdings in a blind trust – and maybe not being allowed to vote or push for legislation that’s a conflict of interest with their business holdings….

And perhaps it is time that education boards are made up of actual educators instead of people with an axe to grind or a belief system to impose. Imagine the folks that determine the curriculum are actually trained in education, but also the specific areas of eduction from science, history, language arts, literature, arts and physical education.

One thing that’s certain and was best said:

Rod Paige, who served as Secretary of Education under President George W Bush, urged the Board to delay its vote. “What students are taught should not be the handmaiden of political ideology.”

-BBC news

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