May long weekend of blooms

I don’t know if Queen Victoria liked to stroll in the gardens, certainly photography wasn’t really at a state where such casual snapshots as strolling through the garden was possible.

It took a long time to form an image, which is why the earliest photos don’t include people – they couldn’t hold still long enough.

When the image taking was down to a minute or 30 seconds, people were posed – with braces and in positions that could be maintained for a long time. Which is why people didn’t smile in the early photos – it would hurt too much to hold it – and having to retake the photo was incredibly wasteful, so you didn’t make a face you couldn’t hold.

So, we are left with the impression of rather grim people.

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria

I hope she got out to wander in the gardens sometimes. I expect it would have brought a smile to her face. It does to mine.

2 thoughts on “May long weekend of blooms

  1. thanks on the flowers – even in the Queen Picture, you can see there’s a railing that she’s hanging onto

    there would be a brace up her back with a u shaped top for her head to back into for back of head/jaw support while she has to stand still for the photo duration

  2. Wow, that’s really interesting re: photos and braces. I’d always wondered before why people looked so grim, I’d assumed it was just fashionable. Your flowers look lovely šŸ™‚

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