Luscious Colours

It rained hard all afternoon, but it always seems to perk the garden up.

These transitional times are fun because the first wave of blooms are done, seeds are developing and the second flower wave is beginning.

In addition to the flowers, I wanted to show more of our tacky garden decor – continue my bee study.

I have to admit to feeling mildly guilty standing still while the bees work – but they looks so cute with the orangey pollen on each of their back legs like they are water wings or something.

And to switch a little into the food that we’re growing.

In previous years, it’s been pretty much the herbs, strawberries and blue berries.

This year, adding garlic, several lettuce types, kiwis, cherries, 2 more blueberry types and the fig – can’t wait for the tastes of summer.

We’ve already enjoyed the first crop of lettuce and it was shocking to me what a difference – the lettuce had actual taste and such firmer leaves – it was far more enjoyable to chew that I didn’t even use salad dressing.

Plus, the salad lasted longer in the fridge, not wilting so fast.

I can’t wait to harvest the garlic and get  my Mom to show me how her parents used to dry and braid it.

Well, what I don’t roast and just eat.

Of course, I’ll be sleeping outside on the loungers for a few days.

8 thoughts on “Luscious Colours

  1. that’s the columbine going to seed – doesn’t it look like a jester’s hat?

    I think I need to add more description, but then I’d have to confess that I don’t know what half the plants that I have are.

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