Understanding Each Other

How can we expect countries to see eye to eye when, as individuals, we’re not willing to do it when we’re walking down the sidewalk?

People with headphones, cell phones, PDAs, bluetooth phones clipped to their ears making them look like cows with ear tags and carrying umbrellas as if they were spears instead of point down like a cane.

Humans using technology the way animals use fluffing up their fur or feathers or frills or colour changes or rattling tails to warn others to stay back or away.

The problem is that the animals are defending food, offspring or their territory – and the rest of us humans are just trying to walk from one place to another. We means that we need to co-operate. Eye contact and an acknowledgement of each other’s presence on the sidewalk so that we can both use it.

I don’t see why so many people think that they can walk through me.

Too often I am walking on the building side and have a line of three to four people walking together, taking up the entire sidewalk. Where do they imagine I am supposed to go? Run onto the street so they can continue on their merry way?

I have no where to turn, am refused eye contact, have a building on one side and them using the whole sidewalk on the other.

But, it’s not exactly an unstoppable force meeting an immoveable object, as I am more often than not, taller and heavier than the line of people approaching me.

So it’s more a situation of gusting force meeting an immoveable object and when we collide, it’s not me who ends up sitting on the sidewalk looking stunned.

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