Garden Daze

I was hoping to have a shot of the poppy I’ve been waiting to bloom – this naughty tease:


it's still teasing us and not pointing down anymore

But a completely different poppy bloomed today:


through the lupin

When I was taking the photos, I heard a sort of low chuddering growl – but since there were boys playing in the cul de sac, I didn’t think about it.

The Alberta Spruce shivering was weird though. So, I continued to snap photos, until I heard the creepy growl again and saw the tree moving. Then, this popped into view:

As it turns out, a mommy squirrel.

growling at me


Well, I didn’t want to re-enact the scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail….

think geek

You can buy these lovely and very warm slippers here.

5 thoughts on “Garden Daze

  1. Very beautiful photos – took me a while to work out you meant photo in the first line, where you say shot. I was instantly convinced you were doing opium o.0 oops. Love the slippers also. And thanks lots for visiting my blog.

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