what good has Christianity done?

The only dubious benefits that I can see that Christianity has done for the world was to preserve some historical texts and writings during the dark ages – but even then, they inserted Christian dogma into writings that pre-dated Christianity.

And, it was only some texts.

Christianity is far more known for book burning than book preserving.

The Church – and that is the Catholic Church – was a primary sponsor of artists – not so much the art, since they forced the content to reflect their own agenda – but that the artists were able to make a living and develop techniques is a good thing.

It’s funny to think that in the Europe of Middle Ages, that the Catholic Church was the whole of Christianity. Whereas today in America, it’s the Protestant version that is deemed Christianity and the Catholic Church is something other than.

I wonder how much of that comes from the isolationism of American politics, so they rejected King George and the Pope combined….

Still, I expect that  we’d probably have had all the same wars – but perhaps without religion inciting the flames – we would have had to work harder to justify war and probably not allow it to last as long as they did.

Especially the crusades….

We  probably could have avoided the witch burnings, the Jewish holocaust portion of WWII, Spanish Inquisition and so forth – it seems that the horrors we inflict on each other are religiously inspired.

Capitalism is not compatible with religion.

The basis of religion is suffer now for a reward later

Capitalism is about accumulating rewards in the here and now. The sooner the better – and if at the expense of someone else… better still.

Religion at face value isn’t so much as screw the other person out of their profit, but I think that that’s more civilized than religion’s real message of converting by the word or the sword.

So, the middle ages – preservation of some texts, altered as they were, sponsorship of great artists – a plus – but witch burnings, crusades, the roots of severe anti-Semitism which is still felt today – all outweigh that good.

And what has Christianity done for us lately?

Well, more religious intolerance towards other religions, 2 terms of George W Bush and created a massive divide in US politics where the perception of morals overrides actually political issues and has pitted Americans against each other on matters of abortion, gay rights, well, civil rights generally and deep racial hurts that show little sign of healing.

Perhaps if the religious stop clinging to tradition – code for legal slavery and women as chattel.

Is this really a tradition worth retaining?

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