A slight lull in colours

With the spring blooms deadheaded and the initial summer bursts over – we’re enjoying a lot of greenery before the late summer/autumn blooms start.

Ogo Pogo in Greenland

The pictures with the netting behind the plants are in the back yard boxes – which we’ve added higher sides and the net to in order to stop the dogs from eating the dirt.

The boxes were fun to build, we bought the 4 inch diameter garden ties – 8 feet long. We used 2 ties for each level and there’s 4 levels.

We just cut each tie in half for a 4 x 4 box.

We laid out the bottom level and the offset the next level

So level 1 and 3 are the A pattern and level 2 and 4 are the B pattern:

We used 8 inch spikes to connect the levels, pre-drilling the holes.

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