A new Low in Elvis World

With all of the tacky items that EPE licenses, with people who met or were close to Elvis selling their stories or gifts from him, with the poor calibre of repetitious hits packages by RCA/BMG/Sony;  I can only hope that we have now hit the rock bottom of Elvis related items for sale.

Autopsy artifacts.

“Autopsy tools used to embalm and prepare Elvis Presley’s body for his funeral in 1977 and a toe tag used on the singer for identification purposes are set to go under the hammer at a Chicago auction house.

The instruments up for sale at Leslie Hindman auctioneer’s on Aug. 12 include rubber gloves, forceps, lip brushes, a comb and eye liner, needle injectors, an arterial tube and aneurysm hooks, all of which the auction house say were used only once. “

As an Elvis fan, I have kept my collection primarily focused on music, video and books. The other items I have include some Elvis themed board games, playing cards, trading cards and a few posters..

While I would love to own an Elvis worn or owned item, there has to be a line of what to collect, and not only for storage concerns, but also decorum.

I am not going to say good taste, because part of the fun of Elvis was his lack of a distinguishing between what was good and bad.

Listening to outtakes of many of the movie songs, it is clear that Elvis found the songs distasteful, but he wasn’t phoning them in – he gave tracks like “No Room to Rhumba in a sports car”; “Song of the Shrimp” and “Dog’s Life” just as much effort as his early hits. A strong talent can raise the level of the material after all. Let’s be honest, except for the title track, the songs in his first movie,  Love Me Tender, weren’t chart material either.

Princess Diana showed that we do truly love our celebrities to death, but keeping autopsy tools? Wanting to own them? For an amount of money that could be a down payment on a car or condo? Or fund a post secondary semester?

It was one thing to hang outside Elvis’ homes when he was alive, because he did regularly interact with fans. It’s understandable to want to have been close to him.

But autopsy tools, prescription bottles and other such paraphernalia that might have touched him in a medical context – will not bring you close to him nor provide any deeper understanding of him as a person or his cultural impact.

What’s next?

People hanging out in the Memphis airport selling Saint relics?

Elvis’ bones!

Pieces of his true guitar!

Elvis Presley’s Gibson J-200

4 thoughts on “A new Low in Elvis World

  1. i have to agree with the embalming tools,,, too much,,, but the fans wanted Graceland and taking all into every aspect,, i give Priscills many kudos for letting us have it. If it wasnt wanted it woyldnt be the second most visited place in the Usa,,, the dumb white house is first. everyone is benefitting from all over the world.

    • I agree on the Priscilla front.

      Fans need to get over the jealousy that she got to marry him and over the anger that she divorced him.

      What was between them was between them – and we fans do owe her gratitude for her efforts to make Elvis accessible to us and for keeping his legacy growing.

      Even though it could do with a lot less of the tacky stuff EPE sells.

  2. I think that everyone including the estate of Elvis
    are all sick money grubbing A–H—- they never gave a dam about him when he was alive but now
    they want to exploit him for their own greed that includes Elvis’ ex and his daughter. If they did’nt have the money coming in they would curl up and
    die. Not a dam one of you money hungry jerks will
    ever step foot in heaven. To me that is the sickest of all,to make money off of the dead,your all sick……………….

  3. Alleged Elvis embalming tools removed from auction: An array of surgical and other instruments allegedly used in the 1977 embalming of Elvis Presley was withdrawn Thursday from a planned auction after Memphis Funeral Home objected to the auction of property taken without the funeral home’s consent.

    Funeral home president E.C. Daves said the instruments were taken by an embalmer who kept them for more than 30 years before offering them for sale through Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago. The auction is scheduled Aug. 12 and the Elvis items were in two lots valued by the auction house at $8,000 and $6,000.

    Daves said the authenticity of the items still is in question. He said the retired embalmer, in his 80s, claimed to have taken the items after Presley’s embalming the night of Aug. 16, 1977. But Daves said another employee told him that those instruments had been sterilized and were used again.

    “There’s no way to tell whether (the auction items) are authentic,” he said.

    Daves said the retired embalmer and his son, who handled negotiations with the auction house, agreed to withdraw the items. He said the funeral home plans no legal reprisals if the items are returned.

    Auction house owner Leslie Hindman was less final. In an e-mail, she said, “We are in discussions with all parties.”

    Daves said the funeral home is awaiting word from the Elvis Presley estate on its preferences. The items could be donated to a funeral history museum in Houston.

    “Or we could destroy them,” Daves said. “We’re not going to do anything until the Presley estate agrees with it.”

    A Graceland spokesman declined to comment. (News, Source: Michael Lollar, The Commercial Appeal)

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