Vatican and Sex Scandals

Vatican and it’s multiple sex scandals.


With so many sex scandals going on within the Catholic Church, what’s lost in the discussion is what I think is the higher level scandals.

The Vatican and the Bishop hierarchy in any country where the Catholic Church has branches have spent decades covering up for pedophile priests, intimidating victims and their families and moving the pedophiles to new parishes and new victims.

Even when a priest was exposed as a pedophile, the church protected/defended them and didn’t excommunicate them. Sometimes, even allowing them burial with all their priestly adornments.

these beleivers will be excommunicated

Here’s the first higher level scandal: apparently, to be immediately kicked out of the CC, you have to either ordain a woman to be a priest or be gay.

This disparity between the offense and the Vatican’s response to the action – protect the pedophile but excommunicate the gay man or man who ordained a woman.

That the CC is so offended by gay men having sex with other gay men, but aren’t concerned with men having sex with, usually male, children and teens. Makes you really question their claim of having any moral authority when consensual adult to adult sex is punishable but non-consenting adult to child/teen results in protection.

the moral credibility gap in a nutshell

Gay men are often accused of being pedophiles and groups like NAMBLA don’t help. But the reality is that far more girls are sexually abused than boys, yet sexual abuse of boys by men is deemed to be worse than sexual abuse of girls by men.

And curiously, sexual abuse of boys, especially teen boys, by women, especially hot teachers, is more a wink wink lucky boy than outrage.

Further, sexual abuse by an adult to the opposite gender child/teen results in a public demand for that adult’s punishment. While sexual abuse by an adult to a same gender child/teen results in a public demand for all homosexual adults to be purged from the teacher ranks or whatever profession the individual happened to be in.

Sex, sexual attraction, sexuality, gender roles, age of consent are a complex mix of preferences, beliefs and attitudes – to add religion and puritanism to the mix casts a shadow of guilt, shame and misinformation.

The second higher level scandal is that the people who are promoting a faith clearly are not bound by the rules of that faith. So, how much can they really beleive in the faith they seek to impose on others or hold others accountable to?

A person can’t really beleive in hell and then molest children and teens.

Because if the death bed conversion loophole can overcome a lifetime of traumatizing other people, then there’s little reason to follow any religion during your life and only beleive on your death bed.

It’s funny to me that many religious people try to paint atheists as lacking a moral code, when religion fails to provide any at all. Moral codes don’t have loopholes or work-arounds.

How many were consumed by her suffering fetish?

Letters from the evil Mother Teresa released after her death indicated that she had stopped to sense her god and was having trouble maintaining her faith. Yet, to restore her faith, reconnect her to her god-sense, she wallowed in the suffering of other people who were ill and died in her hospitals that had no doctors, no nurses and no medications.

Her fetish for suffering consumed not only the people unfortunate enough to go into one of her facilities, but also the nun-nurses who carried out the maintenance of the dying.

Suffering is next to godliness, but when the evil Mother Teresa was dying, she went to a hospital with medication, nurses and doctors. So, do we interpret that as her own rejection of her god?

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