Review: Walking With Dinosaurs

This arena show of the BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs is amazing.

All the dinosaurs are life size and it was really staggering to see them compared to the human MC of the show as a size comparison.

Smaller dinosaurs were complex puppetry costumes worn by performers and the larger ones must had had two or three people inside to make them walk and work the controls of the head, neck, limbs and tails.

The music was very dramatic and underscored all the roaring and clashing of the dinos.

I was very happy that cameras were allowed, but the arena had a completely arbitrary no-no on any removable lens that could zoom more then 75 mm.

The guest check guy let me keep my long zens as long as I promised to not use it – and, as it turned out, I wouldn’t have been able owing to the poor for camera lighting.

This was an event where a film camera would have been better – even cranking the digital iso to 3200. I snapped about a 100 pictures, but a good number of them were too dark to keep.

Here are the best 23, in order of the presentation – although, not all the dinosaurs and scenes are represented from the 2 hour and 4 era show:

Some very young children were very upset by the load roaring and menacing dinosaurs, so under 5 or so, is really less appropriate.

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