Canada’s Prince of Pot

“Marc Emery decided that U.S. laws did not apply to him, but he was wrong,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan in a statement Friday.

No, Mr Emery didn’t decide that US laws didn’t apply to him, they didn’t apply to him because he’s not American nor was he in America.

Marc Emery is a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil and was and is subject to Canadian laws which he was not breaking. Marc Emery was selling marijuana seeds, which are not illegal in Canada.

While Emery had been arrested several times for pot smoking sit ins, Canadian police were not investigating his web based business. This isn’t about whether or not Emery was guilty of anything or right or wrong for selling seeds to anyone anywhere.

This is about the sovereignty of Canada.

If Emery is going to be charged, convicted and jailed, then it must be under Canadian law.

We have to re-assert our sovereignty by bring Marc Emery back to Canada to at least serve his sentence here at worst and have his case reviewed under Canadian laws and community standards at best.

A few years back, the US decided that any American going to Canada who bought Cuban cigars – even if they smoked them in Canada and didn’t take any into the US – would be charged upon their return home.

The US has the whole history/sanctions on Cuba. Canada does not.

Never mind that the Cuban Cigar law would be difficult to enforce without a US law enforcement following every American tourist in Canada – just the idea that the US can impose a law on people in another country – even when it’s a US citizen – is appalling.

The idea of foreign law enforcement operating in Canada like that is disturbing.

Not only because Canadian law enforcement isn’t going to – or shouldn’t –  waste effort and money to prevent people from doing what’s legal (Cubans) or quasi-legal (personal pot amounts or seeds) – but because US law enforcement are supposed to co-ordinate cross border efforts, not secretly operate in other countries.

So, the idea that Canadian law enforcement would be participating in spying on US tourists to make sure they don’t smoke perfectly legal cigars is appalling in the face of all the unsolved actual crimes.

That Canadian law enforcement did work with the US forces to arrest and extradite Emery to be charged and punished in the US when he was not being investigated or charged under Canadian laws should be infuriating to all Canadians regardless of what they think of pot or Emery.

What’s really sad is that the US collectively does seem to think that they are not only the world police, but that international laws do not apply to them.

Each nation is sovereign within it’s own borders, but that sovereignty is lost when one nation imposes it’s laws onto a another.

That the US would take these actions to an allied nation does make me wonder what they are doing elsewhere.

I have to wonder why Americans can’t understand why so many nations hate and resent the US. Can Americans really be oblivious to the collective arrogance and high handed treatment towards other nations?

Or is the sense of entitlement so over the top, that Americans collectively don’t see these intrusions as anything but their responsibility?

Given that the religious righteous have interfered so much with American politics and public policy, perhaps it’s not so far fetched that there’s an undertone of having to impose their idea of morality on the rest of the world.

What’s worrisome is the apparent US inability to learn – the American Puritanism has  resulted in more US drug use, more crime, more violence, more murders and more people in jail than any other Western nation and even a few of the Communist ones.

We in Canada don’t need US draconian laws imposed on us – we certainly don’t need our own government and law enforcement facilitating that intrusion.

We cannot sit quietly and with without protest, watch the US Hangman come for us, one person or group at a time.

“For who has served more faithfully?
With your coward’s hope.” said He,
“And where are the others that might have stood
side by your side, in the common good?”

“Dead!” I answered, and amiably
“Murdered,” the Hangman corrected me.
“First the alien …  then the Jew.
I did no more than you let me do.”

Quoted from The Hangman By Maurice Ogden

To keep all of us free

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