New garden additions

It seems that even a trip to a garden nursery isn’t without its politics and entertainment.

The nursery arranged for a number of vendors and clubs to set up tables and I got into rousing conversations with a man who had two prop pumpkins made to scale of pumpkins that were each over 1000 pounds and almost as tall as the man displaying them.

This lead to a wide ranging discussion about how the Vancouver film industry has been reduced to a service provider for Hollywood, and not be a centre for creation of Canadian films.

We also lurched into the Marc Emery situation – hey, gardeners talk about all kinds of plants! It was interesting that it was this sub-discussion that drew more people from the passersby.

I headed over to a Bee Keeper table and we discussed what’s causing bee colony collapses – the Master Bee Keeper advised that it was climate change and overuse of pesticides in his view. From his table, I bought a simple bee hive for the tiniest variety of bee in the lower mainland.

It’s a stick that goes into the ground with a 1 inch thick square of lumber with holes drilled in the sides. The bees will set up in the “tubes” and do all their own maintenance – you just need to place the hive in flowery areas. If you look at the pussypaw grass picture, it’s there in the back of the garden box.

I also bought a bag of seeds of wild flowers that will attract mason bees and clay that they can use to make their hives.

Certainly not least was Bill Vanderzalm, former BC Premier, and current leader of the anti-HST (combined federal and provincial sales tax) campaign.

I had a hard time dealing with having something to actually agree with him on – remembering the scandal and heady days of the late 1980’s when The Smile ran the province.

Sometimes random themes just have a way of coming together.

So, onto the new blooms and the newest additions – Plus I wanted to share a good tool to have – it’s a blue plastic ring that fits just inside of garden waste bags – it uses tension to hold open the top and keep the bag upright and easy to dump weeds into.

Plus, 2 pictures of a crazy squirrel that kept running back and forth.

Until I picked out the images for the post, I hadn’t realized that my last 2 plant buying sprees were dominated by pink and orange.

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