Bad Kitty

Or Why My Spouse Says That I Am Not  A Girl….

We have two sister cats – these alley kitten rescues are 14 years old and are 3/4 full sized cats at about 8 lbs each.

While my spouse and I are lesbians – happily married – yeah Canada – equal rights rule!

Sorry, I digress.

The reason that my spouse says that I am not a girl is things like these:

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I just find it funnier than not.

And hey, she didn’t get all the chicken.

2 thoughts on “Bad Kitty

  1. HA! Then I must not be a girl either because whenever I catch Silver up on the counter eating meat or licking butter – which tastes like chicken, you understand;-) – I tend to just watch because the guilty countenance never cease to amuse me.

    Anyway, a little cat saliva never killed anyone.

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