The C-Word

Obviously not the Anglo-Saxon C word; but Christmas.

(Okay, maybe not soooo obvious)

I am done with being attacked for attacking Christmas.

Christmas is not under attack by atheists or believers in other religions.

Christmas is under attack by moderate and apologist Christians – this is the latest incarnation of the White Guilt of the 60s/70s over slavery that occurred before the Mea Culpas were born.

Christians who are trying to prove that they are inclusive by shoving their own identity aside and feeling guilty for being descended from White European Christian stock who arrived in the New World and decimated the populations already living there, made it hard for non-white immigrants to come to these shores once the bureaucracy was in place and people couldn’t just sail over and homestead.

Or perhaps it’s just a bit more sinister – as long as Christians try to eliminate use of the C-word and then defend it vigorously; then maybe, just maybe all the non-Christians will get fed up and say, keep using your stupid C-word just include the other holiday names.

So that no one notices that all the statutory holidays that aren’t civic are Christian.

It’s not the use of this or that name that demonstrates inclusiveness, but rather according equal status.

So, unless Canada and the US are going to either only have civic statutory holidays or add other stat holidays from other religions and cultures; it doesn’t matter what names we use or don’t.

Because the appearance of inclusion under any other name is still just the appearance of, and not actual inclusive multiculturalism.

2 thoughts on “The C-Word

  1. so, when we wanted to use “marriage” to be inclusive of gays and lesbians, xtians say that it’s their word

    but when we celebrate the season differently and use different words than Christmas to describe the season, xtians get mad and demand we continue to call the holiday christmas, even though it’s a secular and commerical celebration of family rather than being at all religious for many people.

    they need to learn to share, that’s what the season is about, after all.

  2. Additional thoughts:

    This holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the ringing of hands and moaning about the attack on Christmas.

    So what I’d like to know is, where are the Holiday Police who force stores to greet customers for the holidays?
    Where are the anti-Christmas protestors burning Christmas trees on Christian’s lawns?
    How is knocking on doorways telling families how shameful their Christmas Pride is and to keep it to themselves?

    It is not the case that Christmas is under attack, but that Christmas does not mean the same thing to everyone.

    Christians are demanding to call the holiday what they want while denying everyone else that same thing.

    Christians claim that their manner of celebration is somehow denied to them by denying everyone else the celebration method of their choice – commercially and as a secular family holiday.

    Christians need to stop taking it so personally that other people don’t have to do as Christians do. We all have a choice and some mutual respect for each other’s choices would go a long way to making the season bright and merry.

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