The Bible is best proof that it’s fiction

If you think hard about any religion, it’s are going to appear silly in the broad strokes, never mind in the drilled down details.

If the bible is the word of god, why is there an old and a new testament?  Shouldn’t an infallible god have gotten it right the first draft?

Shouldn’t the language the texts are in, automatically update to whatever current language is used, rather than allow that “word” to be altered through mis-translation, interpretation and several documented rounds of editing by counsels and kings over the ages?

Pretty sloppy work for a being who’s supposed to know everything.

If this god fellow really cared about human compliance with his wishes, then you’d expect that he’da made sure the instructions were clear and not subject to interpretation. Or interference from power and prestige mad men.

Heck, I would expect that either humans would be born knowing the requirements without visual aids like bible texts or needing a religious hierarchy to mind the store, so to speak – you know, especially since even today not everyone can read and certainly few people could read in the past.

That’s relying rather heavily on people who could read to not misuse their authority and substitute whatever they wanted others to believe. I’m sure that despite the various sex, embezzlement and other church and church leader scandals that they wouldn’t lie about what the bible says…..

Actually, if god was real, had a plan and a preference for how we behaved, then we really wouldn’t be able to act in any other way that wasn’t compliant with that god’s wishes.

Aha – this is where the free will argument enters into it – and it falls down on the face of it.

Free will is not possible in a god based universe. Either we are doing what that god wants, or that god knows that we will not comply and allowing us to not comply means one of two things:

  1. That god is okay with distension – which is not supported by the bible or the idea of hell.
  2. God is intentionally planning to condemn people to hell, perhaps as a cautionary tale or threat to others – in which case, he’s not a loving or forgiving god – and shouldn’t be worshiped as such.

Also, apparently, once god created the universe, he got lazy.

If god wanted to reboot the human race, why not just zap the people he didn’t want continuing to exist  down to hell and leave Noah’s family to start over.

It was a slightly larger gene pool than Adam and Eve with their two sons, being Noah, his wife, their sons and their wives.

But no, instead a flashy flood of magic water that apparently left no global geological flood indications and that somehow drained off the planet, since there’s not enough water to cover the whole earth;  an ark too small to contain that many animals – and certainly not the animals from all time and all over the world.

Why, if god wanted to eliminate a wicked city, did he wait for rudeness to strangers be the tipping point? Why is rudeness so offensive, when crowds raping virgin daughters is an acceptable compromise to gang raping angel travellers?

Why are insignificant things, like looking back at the city being demolished, punishable by death but getting your father drunk to have a three way with him and your sister be okay?

But mostly, why do so many people believe so fervently in what they think the bible says without seeming to know what is actually in the bible?