One Nation, Many Gods

“This country was founded by and for people who believed in God and the Constitution declared we are “one nation under God”. People wake up!!! Only nations that were dictatorships and communist denied people the right to honor God. If we continue on this path we will lose all our freedoms.”
Any Godbot

*Offer only good for people who beleive in said god*

How come people who think that they are “real Americans” (aka No True Scotsman Fallacy) and trumpets the constitution, never seem to have read any further than the pre-amble? Don’t know that  “under god” was not original to the pledge, it was added when McCarthism was in charge – talk about your zealot dictatorships.

If these are “real Americans” why do they know so little about their country’s history, that the Founding Fathers were deists, not theists who were largely scornful of Christianity and that the idea that America was founded on was the freedom of the individual.

That said, several Founding Fathers expected the US to rejoin with Britain and all of them expected a further generation – and not too far off – to hold another revolution and change the social system again.

Aside – Also, the story of the Cherry Tree is a lie told to explain why truth is so important.

Probably something profound in that about the American psyche.

There is nothing preventing any person from believing what they want nor preventing them from teaching those beliefs to their children. Have you noticed that the very religious parents demand that schools not act as parents when it comes to teaching sex and tolerance towards others? But these same parents tend to want their religious beliefs imposed on all the school children, as if they are better parents than the other parents?

Seriously, did these people miss the class on sharing, working well and playing with others? The major laws of the land do not end at the preamble.

Government cannot establish or endorse any religion or over other or over non-belief.

If a person wants to live in a country where the government forces one religion on the people, because there’s no separation of Church and State – then America is not the country for you.  Go live in a Theocratic nation, but you’ll have to convert to another religion.

Not allowing government to control people. That’s as American as it gets.


Groupthink: empowering the individual to bully

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