It’s Not Easy Being Green

Before printing, please think about the environment.


If you work in an office, you probably see some variation of the above at the end of every email.

This might be one of the most misguided messages to make people think that they are being environmental.

Paper is the end product of logging, lumber and pulp mills, transportation of new goods or goods to be recycled, recycling programs – and post-consumer recycling is actually more environmentally harmful when you factor in the bleaching chemicals and lower quality of paper slurry when the paper fibers are increasingly shorter and less useable with each recycling process.

But how is it green to think that reading on a computer screen?

When computers are built using toxic heavy metals and have even more transportation costs associated with the manufacture and assembly from all over the world and unsafe e-waste disposal practices? Never mind the environmental cost of generating and transmitting the electricity used to power the computer and screen…

We were more environmental when we used typewriters than computers.

We do not yet think green. We just think that we’re thinking green.

But that’s not a good enough thing.

The “appearance of” achieving a goal will prevent us from achieving goals.