The Safe Word is Atheist

Three is so much insecurity around sex, especially for the religious people.

I don’t think that any people think and concern themselves with sex as much as a religion person trying to stop other people from having sex.

It’s like they have to condemn sex in public to give themselves permission to be kinky as all get out in private.

It’s like they do the good deed (condemn others) and that creates a positive, so then make everything balance by then doing the bad deed (sex).

More likely, they are just self loathing kinky perverts who can’t control themselves and are deluded into thinking that everyone is like them – and we’ll all band in public to condemn what we do in private.

They do not understand not being ashamed – and that’s why they cling to religion – it says if you obey your shame and don’t do anything that is natural to you, then you’ll be released from that hell into heaven so, if they just got over themselves, stop being ashamed, they could enjoy heaven now.

Hey religious kinky people! Atheist is the safe word!

8 thoughts on “The Safe Word is Atheist

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  2. I am enjoying my sex life with my wife. Sexuality is highly praise in a Christian Church, for God saw it was good for a man and his wife to become one flesh. I believe you are confusing the Church condemnation of sex(activity) outside a marriage bond and also of same sex. If that is the case then I would say, “that is different story all together” 🙂

    • I disagree that sex is a different matter in or out of marriage or according to the gender of the participants – or the number of participants.

      Sex is sex, and it is the church that puts artificial barriers and says one circumstance is okay and all other circumstances are lesser than or bad. Moreover, even the sex between married couples is often varied, sometimes about intimacy, but sometimes about power and sometimes, just about getting your rocks off.

      As long as the sex is safe and consensual, then it’s not anyone’s business who’s not been invited.

      Also, totally welcome over to my blog

      • Human were not made for commandments, but commandments were made for humans. They are made for the welfare of a human being.

        I can thing three secular advantages of sex within a loving bond of a man and his wife:

        1. Values(using each other as the end, and not the means of pleasure)
        2. Strong marriage(Often divorce rate is higher for those whom had multiple sex partners before marriage)
        3. Protection from STD

        Thank for a total welcome 🙂

        • Actually, not a single commandment is about sex – so they aren’t relevant to the topic of sex.

          1 You are presuming a lot about non-marital sex – people also hae long tem relationships without being married so, the choice is not between sex in marriage and one night stands. Further, just because it’s a short term hook up, doesn’t mean that mutual pleasure and enjoyment isn’t the goal – after all, if a person engaged in one night stands and didn’t enjoy themselves, then they wouldn’t be continuing to have one night or short term relationships –

          2 I disagree with the premise – one major cause of divorce is sexual incompatibility – people who have sex know what they like and what they are willing to do and how often – 2 people who come to the marriage with no sexual history have no idea if they are compatible and when they find out they are not – their option is cheating or divorce

          3 protection from STDs is also possible with safe sex practices – although marriage and monogamy is an important means of reducing the spread in a population – this is also an argument for gay marriage – without that sounding like it’s gays who spread disease, but rather, people who have sex with multiple partners, which includes gay men and a few lesbians – but lesbians as a population have the lowest incident of STDs of any kind, transmission is harder from the women to the sex partner than from the male to the partner.

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