Liberating Libya?

How many decades has Gadhafi been in power that all of a sudden, the world has suddenly noticed that this dictator is not an okay guy to run Libya after all?

Given how Rwanda, Darfur and many other countries lacking oil had their civil upheavals under dictatorships deemed an internal matter that was unseemly for the international community to be involved in; this sudden: Gosh, Gadhafi’s a terrible dictator who needs to be removed!  is a bit odd.

I mean, as opposed to all the good dictators who are in the pay of  or are supported by the US?

The UN has to have a consistent policy.

Maybe the UN should be replaced with something more like the United Federation of Planets – at least that was human-centric and not a specific country centric. At the very least, UN membership could more closely resemble the UFP – nations can’t join unless there is a determined minimum level of standard of living for the majority of the population.

Standard of living includes education, health care, economic opportunity, rights and freedoms and environmental sustainability. More on this later.

Either an internal civil matter is exactly that – or the world is really one place with the UN as, at least, the world police if not the actual world government.

We cannot set one rule for civil unrest for countries with oil and another for countries without.

Either we say dictators are bad – and then we’d have to say theocracies are bad too – and force the conversion of every non-democratic country into a democratic country – or, we leave internal civil matters, no matter how genocidally horrific – to be managed internally.

The reality is that social advances and massive civil changes do not work when imposed by external forces – unless it’s a multi-generational occupying force.

Social and political change must come from within any nation. The people of the country have to want change – otherwise, as soon as the occupation force is kicked out or leaves – that country will be business as usual with the endless game of what rebel turned dictator is in charge now.

It does not work for a country to be managed on a might makes right basis, internally or externally.

The Collective People must determine what kind of social structure will work for them and failing to achieve it is far worse than never trying. After all, no one stepped in to stop America from rebelling against England.

Where there is an international interest in the internal workings of any nation is on matters that are not contained within the borders. This includes environmental concerns but also refugee migration.

When a portion of a population flees their home nation, it is everyone’s concern. Regardless of whether there’s oil to be had.

Robin Williams once referred to the UN as a traffic cop on Valium.

It’s time for the international community to stop the addiction to oil and other resources that makes the eyes turn away from genocide, environmental destruction, loss of species and habitat and nations with oppressive regimes where the general population’s greatest fear is their own government.

But, this is perhaps too lofty a goal, given how American centric the UN is and that the US population, while touting their government as the best form of government; still cling to their “right” to be armed against said government.


3 thoughts on “Liberating Libya?

  1. Too true what you say, Tina. I’ve recently decided that I’m not a big fan of democracy. If 80% of the people of Pakistan think that adultery should be punished with death by stoning, I think maybe democracy is not a good idea for them. What we need is universal human rights. That has to come first. And when you think about it, democracy is not possible without human rights – freedom of speech and assembly, equality under the law, freedom of the press or the Internet. Without these basics, democracy is too soon.
    I think it’s a bit unfair to say the U.S. has suddenly decided that Gaddafi is a bad guy. After all, this is the dictator who once tried to hire assassins to kill Ronald Reagan. This is the nutter who had 40 beautiful women, all cirtified virgins, as his personal bodyguard, the Hugh Hefner of the Middle East. Buddy of Idi Amin. Hired assasins around the world to bump off political enemies, with some success. Tried to buy a nuclear bomb from China, then India. Nobody has ever mistaken him for a good guy.
    Read up on Gadaffi if you think anybody liked him, ever. Nasty man.

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest that only the US has suddenly realized – frankly, Canada’s response has been utterly bizarre.

      Like freezing G’s bank accounts is sooooo bad ass.

      Yes, we all know that all dictators are bad – they use secret police, murder inconvenient people, often take out whole sections of a population and basically bleed the country dry of money and dry of resistance.

      But, as long as they serve a purpose to the West, they get tolerated and eyes are turned the other way.

      If there is such a thing as justice and if human rights are really more than a legal fiction we give to those who can afford them…..then these dictators have to be accountable at some juncture for the indescribable damage and loss that they caused.

      That foreign aid pours into many of these same countries – when we know it will not be used as it was intended, but goes into bribes of corrupt government officials and into the treasuries that dictators consider personal and unlimited ATMs

      when, if the money was used in our own respective countries to help our citizens with only a portion of the funds lost in red tape and waste

      what real help can we give to others when we can’t even help ourselves?

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